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Your challenge

Are you dissatisfied with the way in which projects are progressing in your company - or do you have the feeling that the implementation costs are too high? Do you sense that the uncontrolled proliferation of PM tools and templates is making it harder, rather than easier, to plan and implement projects?

Your benefit

Working with you, we will ensure that your projects achieve their objectives at minimum cost and that common standards for carrying out projects at your company are accepted and put into practice.

Our approach includes:

  • Analysis of resources and deficiencies with a view to improving your project management
  • Support for a company-wide commitment in respect of the aims and approach of the optimisation project
  • Joint development of a hands-on process model to ensure interdepartmental management of key PM processes, tools and templates
  • Design and implementation of a taylor-made PM training concept

Your challenge
Many organisations rely on project management to address challenges in their marketplace, achieve growth targets and implement winning strategies. The key to success are highly motivated project managers, who will not only benefit from systematic training, but also from specific PM career models – making the "project track" an attractive alternative to the line management career path.

Your benefit

  • Offering your project managers and employees a real alternative to the line management career path
  • Making a significant contribution to employee retention and improving the quality of your projects
  • Career levels: We jointly develop your specific project leader career levels with titles and functions structure, integrating them into the existing career paths
  • Competence model: Together we define the skills required per career stage
  • Assessment systems: We are well versed to advise you in the development of project leader career paths and appropriate use of assessment tools
  • Qualification [....]: We develop a customized program with training and coaching modules for each career stage
  • Compensation system: We create a suitable compensation system for your project leaders

Your challenge
Project kick-off workshops, reviews, lessons learned....
These and other workshops are important milestones in the course of a project.

Project leaders are frequently faced with the challenge of assuming a neutral role as facilitator and moderator whilst also setting out their stance as a leader of the project. To help them bridge this dilemma, we assist project leaders with the preparation and implementation of workshops.

Your benefit
Mastering a broad spectrum of facilitation techniques and methodological expertise is the foundation for the planning and implementation of goal-oriented, yet inspirational workshops.

We will handle the facilitation, leaving you free to concentrate on your core role as a project leader and pressing ahead with your specific topics and interests.

Our consultants will not only steer clarification and decision-making processes in an efficient way - they will also ensure constructive dialogue and professional documentation of results.


Your challenge
Top executives are responsible for the success of projects, even though they are often far away from day-to-day project operations. This distance does not only cause a lack of important information, but is often linked with a lack of instruments for determining the current position and future course of strategically relevant projects.

Your benefit

  • The executive project management workshop provides you with key control levers for efficient project management steering
  • True-to-life simulation exercises guide you through the project pathway from initiation to project completion
  • Brief technical and methodological inputs coupled with in-depth reflection sessions and evaluations ensure effective transfer of best practice

Target group
Top executives and senior management


Your challenge
In light of the increasingly complex challenges faced by companies, the importance of professional project work is continuously growing.

Being able to lead a heterogeneous team is one of the decisive factors contributing to the success or failure of a project. Project leaders do not generally have line management authority. They are nonetheless in charge of mixed teams with a broad range of expertise, interests, personalities and often cultural backgrounds, working against a tight schedule. The project leadership programme explores these and other key issues in the field of team leadership, communication, personal values, conflict and many others and systematically prepares project leaders for this extremely demanding role.

Your benefit

  • You will learn the key success factors for getting support from others without hierarchical authority
  • You will reflect on your own personality and leadership traits
  • You will handle feedback and conflict scenarios within projects in a constructive and focused manner
  • You will familiarise yourself with the main control levers for developing a high-performance team and transfer them to your own projects
  • The involvement of superiors in the programme, coupled with one-on-one coaching and work on live participant projects, ensures maximum transfer of best practice

Your challenge
The increasing importance and complexity of projects within your business requires a higher degree of professional project management skills. Certification of key staff to PMP® (Project Management Professional), makes a central contribution to improving the quality of your projects. As a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), we are providing the basis for a successful certification process.

Your benefit

  • A deep knowledge of modern project management based on the internationally recognized standard of the global PMI® (Project Management Institute)
  • Detailed, practical know-how on how to initiate plan, manage, implement and complete your projects successfully
  • A reliable understanding to pass the PMP® exam, including support on all issues of the certification process and active support on your individual learning journey

Your challenge
More and more projects are faced with the conflicting priorities of a foreseeable planning on the one hand and adaptability to new client requirements on the other. This is particularly pertinent when projects operate in a highly volatile and complex environment.

Hybrid project management combines approaches and methods from traditional project management with agile project elements.

Your benefit

  • You will gain a differentiated understanding of the similarities and differences between traditional and agile approaches
  • You will familiarise yourself with fundamental elements and approaches of traditional project management and agile project work
  • You will receive practical ideas about how and when to combine different approaches
  • You will reflect on your real-life projects and develop specific ideas on how to implement a hybrid approach in your company workplace
Hybrides Projektmanagement

Your challenge
The CSM® (Certified ScrumMaster) certificate awarded by the Scrum Alliance is the global standard for agile project management. This training course quickly and effectively prepares you for your CSM® certification. Using holistic learning techniques, we will teach you both the methods and the mindset on which working with Scrum is based.

Target group
The training course is aimed at project leaders, executives and team members who operate within an increasingly complex project environment and who wish to harness agile strategies and instruments to provide their clients with high-quality outputs over the entire project cycle.

Your benefit

  • You will understand the importance of Scrum in the context of agile methods, agile strategies and tools for a complex project environment
  • You will understand the roles and responsibilities in Scrum projects
  • You will be able to support teams in your role as a ScrumMaster
  • You will harness the potential of an agile project team and develop ideas to improve personal organisation
  • You will develop an awareness of the key challenges associated with the introduction of Scrum

Your challenge
The success of a new strategy cannot be displayed on paper. Only 10% of all strategies are effectively introduced and translated into action.

Insufficient staff involvement and misguided or inappropriate communication are the main barriers to successful implementation.

The key to success is whether you manage to generate commitment and create a corresponding spirit of change within the company.

Your benefit

  • Effectiveness: thanks to our integrative and systemic consulting approach, we are considerably boosting the potency of your strategy
  • Acceptance: we will ensure that all relevant stakeholders are on board. This leads to acceptance and ownership
  • Implementation quality: we make barriers to implementation transparent and help executives and employees deal with these barriers in a professional way
  • Monitoring: our project management office evaluates activities and milestones and steers decision-making processes
  • Training: we support in systematically building up the change skills of your workforce
Hybrides Projektmanagement

Your challenge
Reorganisation projects often scrutinize employee and executive behaviours that have been learned over many years. Compare it to the motion sequences of elite sportspeople becoming fully automatic through years of training. If the competition calls for new behaviours, it often means taking a rocky road to acquire these new skills. All the more so since we are not only talking about individual employees, but about the mindset of an entire organisation. At the heart of the change are values such as customer focus, entrepreneurship and the acceptance of more responsibility.

Working closely with you, orange cpm plans and steers this multifaceted change process.

Your benefit

  • We ensure the systematic involvement of relevant stakeholders and work with you to develop a structure that furthers the objectives of the project, in line with your strategy
  • We envisage communication from the perspective of internal and external clients and draw up a taylor-made communication concept for your project
  • We deploy a broad spectrum of change management instruments at all levels of the organisation

Your challenge
Are you encountering situations in which high potentials and young executives put the interests of their own departments before those of the firm as a whole? Where silo mentalities prime over the feeling of belonging to the entire organisation? Then your challenge as a top executive is on how to replace these particular interests with company spirit.

Your benefit
PM Live combines elements of executive leadership development with the resolution of a central corporate challenge. PM Live is based on a project that is commissioned by senior management and implemented by a cross-industry team of (international) executives or high potentials. We are on hand with individual project advice and a balanced mix of training inputs (soft and hard facts) that make PM Live a truly effective development programme for your young executives.


  • To promote networking amongst executives within the company
  • To solve a current company-wide challenge
  • To develop the personality traits and practical skills required by (project) leaders
  • To recognise project management as the working style of the future and to learn how to apply it
  • To steer change processes within the company and to shape teamwork that goes beyond hierarchies
PM Live

Your challenge
As a global company, you are reliant on international teams that work together successfully and are managed effectively - across cultural, geographic and linguistic boundaries.

Your benefit
Our English-language workshop "Leading International Teams" helps international leaders and project managers to improve their specific skills in leading international teams.

The aim:

  • To develop an awareness of one's own cultural biases when leading teams
  • To recognize and leverage individual and culturally specific strengths and weaknesses in team leadership in an international setting
  • To improve your ability to communicate with international team members
  • To learn and apply diagnostics and conflict resolution methods appropriate for international teams
  • To provide you with tips and tricks for the management of virtual teams

Your challenge
In many companies, Change has become a permanent condition – in a world that is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, compexity and ambiguity (VUCA). In this context, your executives' capacity to manage themselves and others is an indispensable skill set.

Your benefit

  • Increased personal change management competencies: Clear self-awareness with regard to your role and position in the change process, improved self-management skills, increased changeability, ability to handle complexity and ambiguity.
  • Managing teams: clear and decisive conduct in different phases of the change process; managing resistance effectively, enhanced ability to communicate with employees and other stakeholders.
  • Crafting the target culture: Putting stakes in the ground, taking decisive actions, fostering empowerment of employees, being a consistent role model.
  • Effective use of tools and processes: design of change processes, levaraging power and politics, designing and implementing communication architectures; anchoring sustainable changes in the organisation.

Your challenge
Internal consultants are often the central transmission belt between the customer's requirements, the company's strategic ambition and the specific change confronted by the individual team/departments. The quality and know-how of internal consultants is therefore a key factor in the profitability of the change project.

Your benefit

  • Roles: Your internal consultants respond professionally and flexibly to the various requirements inherent to their role
  • Personality: Your consultants are gaining valuable insights into their personality and how it impacts the fulfilment of their task
  • Change Agent: Your advisors are planning and managing change and communication processes by taking into account the various stakeholder interests
  • Conflict Management: Your consultants identify conflicts early on and integrate them into their consulting work
  • Group dynamics: Your Consultants are able to design and facilitate workshops and group situations in an effective and efficient way
  • Action learning: Participants work on real case examples from their experience and current workbench. All change management tools and methods are thus consistently tested and reflected in terms of practical implementation value. The training is composed of three 2-day modules

Your challenge
Organizational cultures evolve over time. They are grounded in the original vision of their founders and shaped by societal and market changes. They also determine how employees and managers behave. Over the years, the given culture of an organization may also form a barrier to transformation and innovation.

Your benefit

  • You will receive an analysis of your existing company culture by applying our culture profile indicator . You will also become more aware of the specific cultural changes your company needs to pursue.
  • Your managers will understand their role in the cultural change process and will learn tools and techniques for leading cultural change.
  • Our experts will support you in designing and rolling out a change process including communication campaigns, training courses for change catalysts and workshops in which employees co-create and start to own the company culture that helps your company to prosper.

Your challenges
Networking, personal organisation and entrepreneurship are just some attributes that are crossing one's mind when we think of successful teams. Executives are often faced with the challenge of bringing these goals to life in a dynamic and unstable environment.
Orange cpm supports project and line management teams in their quest to become high-performance units.

Methods of team development

  • Team-building: lay the foundation for future cooperation in a newly formed team or a restructured unit
 -> Kick-off workshop, 1–2 days, off-site
  • Team development: an opportunity for existing teams to take stock, discuss important issues and initiate necessary change 
-> 2–3-day workshop, off-site
  • Team coaching: you and your team benefit from continuous support over an extended period so that you can focus on the processing of current issues and keep sight of overarching topics
 -> 0.5–1-day workshops at regular intervals and as required, on-site