Pia Höhmann


Never start stopping - and never stop starting. (Cicero)

Professional Background

Training in tax and business consulting professions.
Specialization in financial accounting and parts of payroll accounting in various industries:

Key areas of Work

Financial and payroll accounting, various administrative activities


After my training as a tax assistant, I focused on financial accounting. Since 2008, I have also been working in payroll accounting. Every year I refresh my knowledge in the area of social security. Due to COVID, I have now also had to gain experience in accounting with short-time allowance.

Beyond that...

Be stronger than your strongest excuse every day: discipline, structure, reliability! Giving up and excuses are not an option! This applies to me in the professional as well as in the private sphere.
Make every day your masterpiece: Life time is finite and it is infinitely important to use it. I need the movement, change and I am a lot on foot or by bike. I enjoy the fresh air, the landscapes and like the peace.

orange cpm GmbH
change- und projektmanagement
Poelchaukamp 8
22301 Hamburg

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