Angela Müller


Creating the framework for real connection in the digital world in order to move more together - that is what drives and inspires me.

Particularly due to the speed and increasing complexity, it is becoming more and more important to think together in terms of solutions, to develop creative ideas together and to go new ways together.

In order to shape a conscious, appreciative and creative cooperation in the digital world, the connection to oneself and the ability to lead oneself is becoming increasingly important. Only when we know what we stand for, where we want to go, we are well connected with ourselves, our strengths, feelings and emotions, can we build a real connection to and with others.

That is why in our cooperation - whether in a 1:1 setting, in workshops or trainings - I follow the approach of moving from ME to WE:

What experiences and attitudes does each individual bring with them? What is important to whom? What are the expectations of the cooperation? How can we bring all these different facets and perspectives together in order to move more in the digital world together?

Professional background

(Online) coach, trainer and team developer, founder of Copeople® - training and further education for the leadership and facilitation of (online) groups and teams, lecturer in adult education.

Key areas of consulting and training


Beyond that ...

... I enjoy hours of walking in nature, I am fascinated by firewalking, I am always thinking about how I can make things even simpler and easier.

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