Kevin Löhmann


I think an organization should provide a frame in which people can experience connectedness and where they can collectively unfold their creative potential.

Professional Background

Trainer, moderator, agile coach, scrum master, systemic coach (in Training), project-manager, software-developer, trainer, senior consultant, engaged in starting experiments and changes.

Key areas of consulting and training

moderator, coach, consultant and coach for self organizing teams, employee-shaped organizations, team-development, sense-oriented organizations, communication in teams, creative processes with teams


Professional education (IT system salesman)
Studies in computer science (Dipl-Inf.)
Professional Scrum Master (PSM I)
Professional Product Owner (PSPO I)
Systemic Coach (in Training)

Beyond that...

... i enjoy creating things with pen and paper, saw and wood and in the kitchen – best with my children and wife.
... I love canoeing, camping, nature, climbing and having good with friends and neighbors.

orange cpm GmbH
change- und projektmanagement
Lehmweg 17
20251 Hamburg

Fon +49(0) 40 4319 7775
Fax +49(0) 40 4319 7918

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