Katja Müller


"As I have witnessed too many examples of brilliant people with talent coming out of their ears shut down in toxic work environments, I am dedicated to empower individuals and teams in the corporate world to create higher levels of trust and to align them with their unique capabilities and passion. All of this in the pursuit of creating meaning, value, the best possible results and enjoying the place where you spend most of your waking hours: your work."

Professional Background

In her position as a Psychology professor for over 13 years she has fostered her passion for understanding and maximizing human potential and sharpening her talent for translating complex ideas into easily understood models or tools that have practical wisdom to them.
Apart from owning a Coaching and Leadership Development company, Katja is also a proud faculty member for the industry leader, the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), for whom she globally trains other coaches. As Katja also has a passion for working with young audiences and growing high potentials, she serves as a bilingual Executive and Team Coach and Workshop leader for the Executive MBA program of the Mannheim Business School as well as for the ESSEC Business School in Paris.
(Before her coaching and teaching career she worked as a team leader for Volkswagen for EU-funded projects and has since broadened her insights into different industries by coaching leaders and teams in sectors ranging from non-profit to aerospace, medicine, universities, technology and banking)

Key areas of consulting and training

All of Katja's work is in service of making a positive difference in how people are with themselves and others and to empower people to own their unique leadership style, impact and best version of themselves from the inside out. She passionately keeps taking a stand for joy in our life and fiercely believes that laughter, authenticity and connection lubricate leading and inspire excellence. Key areas of interest have been International Teams (set up/ development/ coaching), Communication, Conflictmanagement, Co-Leadership, Executive Coaching


With three Master ́s and one Post-Master's Degree Katja combines a strong academic background in Psychology and Education with advanced knowledge in experiential learning, coaching and leadership development. Apart from holding her University degrees she also holds a diploma (2. Staatsexamen) from a two-year full time professor and workshop facilitation training. According to ICF standards, Katja is a certified Co-active (CPCC and ACC) and Team Coach(ORSC). She is also a graduate from CTIs Leadership Program as well as Lucid Livings Great Story Master Coach Program.

Beyond that...

In her free time Katja loves adventures and to engage her body and soul rather than her brain.
Body: Dancing, swimming, hiking, yoga. Soul: Connecting and having fun with her kids, husband and friends; meditation, travelling, being in nature.

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