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Change Navigator

The Change Navigator shows the most important stages in any change process and offers an insight into the most critical tasks and key questions for successful change leadership.

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Core tasks at Initiation:

  • Create awareness around need for change in the management team (sense of urgency)
  • Articulate the changes required
  • Force fields and stakeholder analysis

Key questions at the Initiation stage:

  • What are the main characteristics of the current situation?
  • What is the management team view of the need for change?
  • How high is the willingness and ability of the organization to change?
  • Whose interests and concerns are affected by the change?
  • What needs to stay as it is?


Core tasks in structuring:

  • Agree targets and performance indicators
  • Set the decision making and governance structure
  • Define projects and actions
  • Develop communication architecture (Roadmap)

Key questions for structuring:

  • What specific goals should be achieved with the change project?
  • What external influences have an impact on the change project?
  • Which projects and initiatives need to be set-up?
  • What roles and responsibilities need to be assigned?
  • How do you create meaningful integration of management and employees?


Core tasks in mobilizing:

  • Generate optimism
  • Start projects - clarify goals, roles, procedures
  • Ensure key stakeholder involvement
  • Deliver quick wins

Key questions for mobilization:

  • Who is involved in the projects?
  • How can you create short-term success and celebrate achievement?
  • How is the organisation responding to the change process?
  • How do you ensure effective communication between the sub-projects/workstreams?
  • Which controlling and feedback loops are useful?


Core tasks in the implementation:

  • Integrate opposing interests and resistors
  • Control sub- projects/worstreams
  • Controlling and Reporting
  • On going course corrections

Key questions for implementation:

  • Where do you stand in terms of achieving the set goals?
  • What are the possible roots causes of resistance during the process?
  • What insights do you derive from the feedback by managers and employees?
  • What further action is necessary?


Core functions for anchoring:

  • Ensuring a high quality hand-over to the organisation
  • Create incentives to build new routine
  • Foster inter-departmental dialogue
  • Reflect on the change process (Lesson learnt)

Key questions for anchoring:

  • Which incentives support the anchoring of changes in the organisation?
  • How do you ensure an active communication between the new interfaces in the organisation?
  • How do capture the lessons learnt from the change process?