Beatrice Monticelli


My values are trust, honesty, freedom, constant personal development and sharing.

Trust in group and people’s potential, encouraging participation, ensuring inclusiveness and honoring diversity are fundamental pillars in my job.

The purpose of my work is to facilitate learning processes, enhancing the awareness of individuals, fostering their personal development and the growth of the organizations they are part of.


Professional Background

Experiential Learning Trainer, IAF certified professional facilitator and consultant since 2012. Future systemic counsellor in 2019. Professor at Scuola Opera Armida Barelli since 2014 (Italy).

I work with groups that come from various fields and background: corporate teams, groups of educators, social and sanitary assistants.

Since 2015 I designed and run independent projects for adults who want to grow on personal and professional wellbeing, personal development and emotional intelligence.


 Key areas of consulting and training

Consulting and training in healthy communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, meeting management, team coaching, group dynamics. Experiential learning training.

Facilitating various processes such as:

-       conflict management

-       meeting/conventions

-       creativity, brainstorming

-       team identity

-       decision making

-       problem solving

-       learning



IAF Certification as Professional Facilitator

Kaospilot masterclass, “The Art & Craft of Facilitating Learning Space”, by Kaospilot, Aarhus (DK) - Denmark

“The group” Via Experientia – International Academy of Experiential Education in collaboration with IALT , Kamaleonte ,Italy

Group dynamics and experiential learning facilitator  “Via Experientia” – International Academy of Experiential Education - Long-term training course to process experience effectively - Lithuania and Italy

Master degree in Philosophy and Modernity’s languages (at University of Trento - Italy)


Beyond that…

I have two souls (and many others… of course!): one likes to take the time reflect, questioning and make order, the other loves to feel and experiment. The first one needs time to “digest” things, the second one is driven by intuition and emotions.

I am a volleyball player since more than 15 year: I take so much pleasure to be in a collaborative and empathic environment. I love trekking, up in my beautiful Apls, practicing yoga and being with friends.

Relationship, nature and animals give “hygge” to my life!

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