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Change Management – Leading Change

Your challenge

In many companies, Change has become a permanent condition – in a world that is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, compexity and ambiguity (VUCA). In this context, your executives' capacity to manage themselves and others is an indispensable skill set.

Your benefit

Increased personal change management competencies: Clear self-awareness with regard to your role and position in the change process, improved self-management skills, increased changeability, ability to handle complexity and ambiguity.

Managing teams

clear and decisive conduct in different phases of the change process; managing resistance effectively, enhanced ability to communicate with employees and other stakeholders.

Crafting the target culture

Putting stakes in the ground, taking decisive actions, fostering empowerment of employees, being a consistent role model.

Effective use of tools and processes

design of change processes, levaraging power and politics, designing and implementing communication architectures; anchoring sustainable changes in the organisation.


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